About Us

Our family warmly welcomes you to the island of Skopelos!

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Mr. Lakis Rodopoulos built the church, St. Mary of Adrina, in 1995 keeping the promise made to his father in law I. Mavrogiannis. The chapel is dedicated to St. Mary, St. John and St. Alexander.

Since then many wedding and christening ceremonies have taken place at our church.

In May of 2012 Vagelis, grandson of Lakis Rodopoulos, was baptized at our family chapel; a moment that gave a lot of joy to the Rodopoulos’ family .

The picturesque church, St. Mary of Adrina, is located within the Adrina Beach Hotel and was built to accommodate yours as well as our family special events.

Your wedding is our affair.

The key to our success is our friendly atmosphere and warm hospitality within the highest international standards of service and facilities.

Wishing you a memorable ceremony,

Rodopoulos’ Family