Ceremonia de Nunta Simbolic

and the Adrina Hotels

 welcome you to Skopelos Island Greece

The Adrina Resort & Spa and the Adrina Beach Hotel welcome couples to celebrate their very special Wedding Day at one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world…­in Skopelos Island, a small, greek island with stunning beaches, majestic pine tree forests, warm, crystal clear water.

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Symbolic or blessing wedding ceremony

It allows couples complete freedom to plan their wedding ceremony wherever and however they may wish based on their preferences, cultural background and values. Since couples are not bound by any restrictions they can choose a formal or informal atmosphere and their format can be either traditional or as creative as you.  Symbolic wedding can be the right choice if you are of different denomination or religions or in case that there are any other reasons that prevent you from a Church wedding or civil wedding ceremony. The symbolic wedding will enable you to enjoy a tailor-made wedding ceremony, reflecting your individual values and beliefs.